Panel Physicians and Providers

Dr. Lynne Barkmeier
Vascular Surgeon

Aubrie A. Hubbert

Dr. O.B. Idusuyi
Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Gregory Malanoski
Infectious Disease Specialist

Dr Praveen Mullangi
Infectious Disease Specialist

Dr. Michael Neumeister
Plastic Surgeon
Co-Medical Director

Dr. Marten Sikorski
Podiatric Surgeon

Dr. Mary Sipes
Podiatric Surgeon

Dr. Joel Weitfeldt
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Co-Medical Director

Our Staff

  • Dana Brockmeyer, RN, Case Manager
  • Ron Bormida, LPN, HBO Technician
  • Marjorie Crites, Front Office Specialist
  • Kim Herschelman, RN, Case Manager
  • Erin Irmler, Front Office Specialist
  • Diane Loscher, RN, Clinical Services Manager
  • Karla Meteer, RN
  • Randi Miers, CMA
  • Christine Neethling, RN, Clinical Educator
  • Lisa Palazzolo, RN, Case Manager
  • Kimberly Paskiewicz, MPH, RD, LDN, Director
  • Kasie Schlemm, RN, Case Manager

All providers and nursing staff have successfully completed a comprehensive advanced wound care and HBOT training program.