Why It Works

Memorial Weight Loss and Wellness Center works for individuals ready to get back to great health, because our team of experts works with you on an individual basis. Unlike other programs that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, our program is truly customized to your specific body type and lifestyle needs.

In addition, our program gives you the benefit of a health care provider being involved in every aspect of your journey. This makes our program unique in the region and provides the opportunity for you to succeed in your goal to lose weight and achieve great health.

What Make This Program Unique?

  • Global Health Assessment
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Medically-Managed Program
  • Expertise from lifestyle, physical and nutritional specialists

What are the Individualized Treatment Plan Components?

Your progress will continue to be monitored by our physician-led, multidisciplinary team for evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment plan, patient satisfaction, health and quality of life improvement. We'll monitor progress and, if needed, update or modify your personalized program to meet your needs.

To ensure care coordination, we will keep your primary care provider informed of your status along the way.

How Can One Program Offer So Many Aspects?

The Weight Loss & Wellness Center utilizes a variety of services within Memorial Health System, with unique and integral roles in your health journey, including:

  • Memorial Bariatric Services
  • Memorial Counseling Associates
  • Memorial Nutrition Services
  • Memorial Physician Services
  • Memorial Rehab Services
  • Memorial SportsCare