These classes are offered to patients of Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. Call 217-788-3948 for a class schedule or to inquire about becoming a patient.


The ABC’s of Exercise

With a countless number of exercise programs out there, and a slew of equipment pieces and work- out gear to choose, it can be difficult to know where to start. This course breaks down the simple basics about starting or progressing an exercise regimen, choosing the right exercise based on your fitness goals, and considerations for nutritional needs to support your exercise regimen.

Class Length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Physical Therapist or Exercise Physiologist & Health Coach

Healthy Living

Diabetes Self-Management Series

This series is offered by Memorial Diabetes Services, an Accredited Diabetes Education Program, for those who have Type 1, Type 2, Gestational or Pre-diabetes. Come learn self-care skills to take control of your diabetes, such as healthy eating, self monitoring, problems solving, healthy coping, being active, taking medication and reducing risks.

Series: Four 2-hour sessions over four weeks | Class Instructors: Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator & Registered Nurse/Certified Diabetes Educator

Smoking Cessation Series

Make the commitment to quit smoking and get the support to help you through the process. This series includes support from licensed clinical social workers, support groups and medical input on possible pharmacotherapy to help you quit.

Series: 10 week program | Instructors: Physician, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Health Coach


Life Skills Coping Therapy Group

Research has shown that depression, anxiety and self-image issues occur at a higher rate in people with weight management struggles. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), when combined with appropriate medical care, has shown to be effective in improving mood and self image.

Group: Twice a month; 90-minutes sessions | Instructor: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lifestyle Modifications 101

Learn strategies to begin changing your lifestyle. Learn helpful ways to plan and structure your busy schedule to incorporate healthful living. Become more aware of your hunger and learn how to pattern your meals and snacks accordingly. Learn easy ways to log or track your changes and establish SMART goals.

Class length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Registered Dietitian & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Mind over Matter

Learn strategies to build “mental toughness” to make and maintain healthful lifestyle changes. In this course, we explore the power of the mind, setting realistic goals, combat negative self talk and think your way to success.

Class Length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Mindful Eating Series

Mindfulness involves a calm awareness of your own body, emotions and thoughts. It is a learned skill, and it is an important part of learning to change a habit. The Memorial Health Psychology Mindful Eating series teaches mindfulness as a foundation for changing eating habits. This kind of habit change leads to long-term weight loss.

Series: Four 90-minutes sessions over six-weeks | Class Instructor: Health Psychologist

Progress to Success

So you’ve changed the way your live your life, now what? Let’s discuss how to re-evaluate your health and wellness goals, maintain your healthful changes and prevent lapse, relapse, collapse. Making these changes part of your everyday life can have changing challenges over time. Learn how to prevent those pitfalls from derailing all your success and hard work.

Class: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Registered Dietitian

Sensible Savvy Socialite

In this course, we address the social aspects of changing lifestyle habits and the impact it may have on others in your life. Learn effective ways to communicate your needs with others, set boundaries, and deal with changing relationships and ways to engage and incorporate others into your healthy lifestyle.

Class: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Stress Less for Success

Learn the impact stress can have on your health and become more aware of your emotional responses to stressful events. Then, let us discuss helpful ways to keep your stress in check, recognize environmental triggers and unhealthy mind-games that may prevent you from healthy living. Also learn the benefits of managing stress and the importance of proper sleep.

Class Length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Registered Dietitian


Dining out Dilemmas

All those tasty restaurant options out there can lure even the most health-conscious “health-nut” into their doors. Come find out about the nuts-and-bolts of restaurant survival skills so you can “have your cake and eat it too…sort of”. Simple strategies can make a big difference and keep you on the way to great health.

Class Length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Registered Dietitian & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Plate Planning 101

Come find out simple, practical ways to translate all those health, nutrition and wellness guidelines to your plate. From grocery store planning tricks, label reading tips, and quick food preparation and storage, this class with help bring a balanced plate to your table, whether it’s for just one or a family of many.

Class Length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Registered Dietitian & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Savvy Supermarket Shopper

Become a super savvy shopper when it comes to the grocery store. Learn how to incorporate healthful menus on any budget, ways to strategize before hitting the market, and ways to cut “grocery store” time out of your busy schedule.

Class Length: 60 minutes | Class Instructors: Registered Dietitian & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Weight Loss & Wellness Center Cooking Classes at Lincoln Land Community College

Great cooking isn't just about recipes - it's about technique. The Weight Loss & Wellness Center Cooking Classes, offered at the professional teaching kitchens at Lincoln Land Community College, gives you the opportunity to work with other students in a fun, hands-on environment led by our registered dietitians, licensed clinical social workers and a culinary assistant from Lincoln Land Community College. In each class you will:

  • Learn fundamental skills for a lifetime of great healthy cooking and baking
  • Work side-by-side with other students to prepare each dish
  • Interact with classmates and instructor for a rich learning experience

Each class lasts two hours, with 30 minutes of preparation, 60 minutes of cooking and education and 30 minutes of delicious, healthy dining, where each student may enjoy the dishes they've made. Not only are these classes fun and informative, but students will learn new social skills for eating.

Call (217) 786-2292 for more information or to register. You can also learn more about the classes and register online at