Interstim is an FDA-approved procedure, which has been shown to help women with certain urinary problems, such as urinary retention and overactive bladder.

This treatment works by assisting with the communication between your brain and your sacral nerves. Sacral nerves control the bladder and the nerves that assist with urinary function. This is a two-phase procedure.

The first trial phase may be completed in the physician’s office or as an outpatient procedure. A small lead is placed, and the generator is applied externally to allow you to see if the treatment alleviates your symptoms.

The patient wears this for approximately one week and keeps a log of their symptoms. If the external, or first phase, controls the patient’s symptoms, the second phase is completed in Memorial Medical Center’s surgical suite.

The generator and leads are implanted under the skin in a short procedure with local anesthetic and sedation. There is minimal, if any, discomfort. The patient goes home the same day.

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