Baylis Day Surgery

Day of Surgery Check-In

Baylis Day Surgery check-in will be on the lower level of the Baylis Building. Parking is located behind the Baylis and 751 SIU Clinic Building in the parking ramp off of Miller Street.

You will check in at the desk on the lower level. Once registered, you will be escorted back to the preoperative holding area. You will be asked to put on a gown and answer some important questions regarding your medications, history and the procedure you are having done.

At times some patients will have blood drawn, receive an EKG, chest X-ray or other testing that anesthesia or your doctor needs prior to your surgery. Once you have been admitted by the nurse in Baylis Day Surgery, you are in a holding pattern for surgery staff to come for you and your family.

Two of your family members can stay with you in the preoperative holding area. Once you are taken to surgery, they will be asked to wait in the waiting area where you checked in. Your belongings will be placed in a locker or your family can keep them.

Immediately After Surgery

Once surgery is complete, your family will be notified that you are in recovery. The physician may come out to let your family know what happened in the procedure. Once you are fully awake, the nurses will notify your family so that they may come and sit with you as you recover from anesthesia.

Prior to being discharged, you will be given instructions to follow once you are home and any prescriptions for medications that your doctor wants you to take. The staff will then assist you, and whoever you have designated to drive you home, to your vehicle.