Dual Listing

Dual listing, sometimes called multiple listing, means you are registered at two or more transplant centers. Because candidates at a center local to the donor hospital are usually considered before those who are further away, multiple listing may increase the chances of receiving a local organ offer.

Some studies suggest multiple listing can shorten the average waiting times of kidney transplant candidates by several months. This does not guarantee every multiple-listed patient will have a shorter waiting time because many factors affect how long you might wait for a transplant.

The Organ Procurement Transplant Network (OPTN) policy allows multiple listing, but the individual center decides whether or not to accept you as a candidate. You probably would not benefit from listing at multiple centers in the same local allocation area (which is usually the OPO) because waiting-time priority is first calculated among candidates at all hospitals within the local donation area, not for each hospital individually.

Some transplant programs may not accept multiple-listed patients, while others may set their own requirements for multiple-listed candidates. If you are considering multiple listing, ask the transplant team how they handle such requests.

As with any transplant listing, you must be considered and accepted by a transplant center. You will complete an evaluation and agree to all conditions set by the program, such as your ability to come to the hospital within a certain time if you are called for an organ offer.

Check with your insurance provider to see if the cost of additional evaluations will be reimbursed. You should also consider other costs associated with listing that insurance may not cover. For example, you may need to pay for travel and lodging if the center is far from your home.

You should also find out if your post-transplant medical care will be provided at the center or can be transferred to a facility closer to your home. In addition, you must maintain current lab results and contact information for each transplant program where you list because they will need current information if they receive an organ offer for you. Through the OPTN database your center can know if you are multiple-listed, but may not know the other hospital(s) where you are listed.

For more information about multiple listing call your transplant coordinator (Brenan or Rachel) at 217-788-3441, or download a brochure from UNOS on multiple listings.