Our Team

In addition to the team members noted below, your care team includes a pharmacist, physician assistants, operating room and intensive care nurses, nurse practitioners, medical residents, procurement coordinators and transplant assistants.

Director of Transplant Services

The director of Transplant Services is part of Memorial Medical Center's Nursing Executive Council and is responsible for providing administrative oversight of the transplant program's operations, finances, marketing, quality and safety program and for ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Manager of Transplant & Dialysis Services

The manager of Transplant & Dialysis Services is a licensed RN responsible for managing the transplant and acute dialysis departments at Memorial. The manager is a leader, mentor and patient advocate.

Pre-Transplant Nurse Coordinators

The Memorial transplant surgery nurse coordinators are licensed, RNs who are responsible for many aspects of kidney transplant surgery.

The pre-transplant coordinator works with your transplant surgeons and nephrologists. She helps you through the referral and evaluation processes, schedules appointments and monitors lab work. She will also place you on the organ donation waiting list.

She will tell you what to expect during the transplant process, and document progress in your medical record. The pre-transplant coordinator is also responsible for coordinating the recipient and living donor evaluations.

Post-Transplant Nurse Coordinators

The Memorial transplant nurse coordinators are licensed RNs who coordinate all aspects of post-surgery, including patient evaluations, monitoring lab results, discharge instructions and post-operative education.

Once the transplant surgery is complete, a post-transplant nurse coordinator will manage your care. They will support you and your family.

Your coordinator will help you with discharge instructions and teach you about transplant medication, physical activity, diet restrictions and required follow-up care.

Your coordinator also will schedule follow-up lab and doctors’ appointments.


The dietitian is a licensed professional trained in the science of diet and nutrition. She will coach you in proper nutrition before and after surgery.

Financial Coordinator

The financial coordinator handles the financial aspects of transplant surgery. She helps patients and their families navigate the financial considerations. She will also explain what insurance covers and determine eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. She also directs patients to appropriate financial resources.

Social Worker

The social worker helps patients, families and donors cope with the non-medical aspects of transplant surgery. She can identify emotional issues that need attention and connect patients with appropriate mental health resources.

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant helps all members of the transplant team with tasks such as triaging incoming phone calls, patient scheduling, preparing educational materials and scheduling meetings.