Our Program

The Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Program and Surgery Services at Memorial Medical Center is a Medicare Certified Transplant Program.

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to our program. This means each member of our team will meet with you to assess your individual needs during each step of the transplant process, including:

  • pre-transplant evaluation for patients who wish to be considered as potential kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant recipients
  • immediate post-operative care for transplant recipients
  • continued care management of these patients for the lifetime of their transplanted organs.

You will meet with a nurse, dietitian, a social worker and a financial coordinator before, during and after your transplantation.

We evaluate live kidney donors interested in donating a kidney to those in need. If the donors are deemed medically and psychologically suitable, we see them safely though the donation process.

Referrals to our transplant program can come from your nephrologist, your dialysis unit or from yourself.

We strive to provide a transplant surgery program that offers support, guidance and education every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our individualistic approach and management of each of our patients. They become part of our "transplant family."

For more information, please call the Memorial Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Program and Surgery Services at 217-788-3441 or toll free at 888-864-9433.