Kidney Paired Donation

Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) is a transplant option for people who are waiting for a kidney transplant. KPD results when a donor is willing to donate to a spouse, friend or relative but cannot because of incompatible blood or tissue types.

The KPD program helps find another incompatible pair who might wish to exchange donors. If Donor #1 is compatible with Recipient #2 and Donor #2 is compatible with Recipient #1, two transplants can be pursued. Sometimes more than two compatible pairs can be matched to each other. This results in more than two life-saving transplants.

KPD programs may also include non-directed donors who wish to donate to a person who is waiting for a kidney transplant. These donors are not linked to a specific potential recipient.

The Memorial Medical Center Kidney Paired Donation program is used as the first option for potential matches locally within our program.

The Gift of Hope KPD program is a regional program to search for compatible pairs within our region. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) offers a KPD Pilot Program and is managed by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). The OPTN registers and tracks everyone who registers in the Pilot Program and works with transplant centers and organ recovery agencies throughout the United States to search for cases where the donor in each pair is compatible with the recipient in another pair. The goal of the OPTN KPD Pilot Program is to identify as many compatible pairs as possible and to consider needs of special populations, such as children or highly-sensitized recipient.

For additional information about kidney paired donation, contact the transplant coordinator at 217-788-3441.

Kidney Paired Donation Educational Videos

UNOS has developed a series of videos to educate potential donors and candidates about the option of kidney paired donation. These videos feature the individuals involved in one exchange that took place in Georgia, Washington State and Texas. 

You can find additional information and access the videos on the Kidney Paired Donation section of the UNOS website ( The videos include:

  • What is KPD?
  • Is KPD Right For Me - Recipient
  • I KPD Right For Me - Donor
  • Success Story - Letty
  • Success Story - Virginia
  • Success Story - Ken & Val
  • Success Story - Randy & Joan