Considering Transplantation

We understand that the decision to have a transplant can be a difficult decision to make. We are here to help you every step of the way in your decision-making process.

We've gathered some helpful information for you during your research to help answer questions you may have. If you have additional questions for us, please feel free to contact us or attend one of our support groups.

Kidney Allocation System

Effective December 4, 2014, the national Kidney Allocation System (KAS) has changed. UNOS’ new KAS training module is one of the latest available tools to help educate both transplant professionals and patients waiting for a kidney transplant about the upcoming changes.

Transplant professionals can use this module as a guide to talk to their patients about the upcoming changes and patients can also access it themselves to learn more about how the changes will impact them directly.

The 15-minute training module is available on the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network website, in both English and Spanish versions and is titled, “KAS: what your candidates need to know.” The videos are available to view in the WEBINARS section of the website.