Surgical Services

Memorial cares about the entire Surgery experience for our patients and their visitors – before, during and after surgery. 

Before Surgery: There are 425 fewer steps from the Main Entrance. It couldn’t be easier to reach Surgery from Memorial’s main entrance – it’s only 50 steps away. 

During Surgery: Patients will appreciate privacy during transportation. A dedicated stairwell and bank of three elevators now transports patients directly from 1E to OR and ensure privacy and comfort away from the public areas of the hospital.

For Families During Surgery: Vital Link provides our new Surgery waiting text updates. This electronic, user-friendly option gives families confidential updates. The person waiting can opt in to have updates sent directly to his or her cell phone or take a pager provided by surgery waiting room staff. Visitors are then free to go to the cafeteria or other places at Memorial without the fear of missing an update.

Surgery Facility Highlights

As part of a comprehensive Advancing Care by Design expansion, Memorial’s Surgery area is tops in the central Illinois area.

Highlights include:

  • 62,000-square-foot surgery area near Memorial’s main entrance
  • Surgery’s entrance only a few dozen steps from the hospital’s main entrance
  • Four new operating rooms with another two operating rooms on target to open by the end of 2015
  • Memorial’s operating rooms total 23, not including four cardiac operating rooms on the sixth floor and six more outpatient operating rooms in the Baylis Medical Building, just west of the hospital
  • Surgery includes 30 bays where patients go before and after surgery
  • Each bay has wooden doors to better ensure patient privacy
  • Dedicated set of elevators takes patients to and from surgery, further safeguarding their privacy
  • The new post-anesthesia care unit, or PACU, a recovery area immediately following surgery, has 23 patient bays, with six of those private rooms with doors

Waiting Room

  • Spacious and comfortable, light-filled waiting area seats about 75 family members and visitors
  • Text service for family members who opt-in to receive a confidential text advising them about patient’s progress through surgery
  • Three consultation rooms where surgeons can meet privately with family members