Are there age brackets?

No. This is a unique, non-competitive event to promote women's health.

Will I get a trophy if I win?

Because this is a non-competitive event, everyone wins. Each participant will receive a finisher's medal.

Which leg is first, the bike or run?

The bike portion of the race is first.

How does the relay option and transition work?

One participant completes the bike portion, and one participant completes the run portion. Once the bike participant has parked her bike, she may then take the timing chip to her partner who will be waiting in the back of the transition area. The bike participant can pick up her completion medal at the finish line.

What is the race course like?

The biking route has some rolling hills, and the running course is mostly flat and travels through a subdivision. Click on the link for the routes: 
Bike and Running Routes 

Why do I have to buy a one-day license through the USAT?

For our protection and yours, this event is sanctioned through USAT, which enforces strict guidelines that the event director must follow to protect both the event sponsor (Memorial SportsCare) and you, the participant. For more info on the USAT, visit

What is a one-day license?

A one-day license allows an athlete to compete in a USAT-sanctioned race without purchasing an annual membership. The $10 (for 14-to 17-year-olds) and $12 (for those 18 and older) provides the athlete with excess accident insurance for that race only. A one-day license cannot be purchased through the national office. Many events require participants to purchase the one-day license when registering. Please see the USAT website,, for more information.

Does each member of the relay team need to pay the USAT fee?

Yes. For insurance purposes, all participants on a relay team are required to be either an annual USAT member, or purchase a one-day license.

What if I only want to do the run portion but I don't have someone to do the bike? Can you match me up with someone who wants to do the bike?

We will try to match you up, but there are no guarantees we will find a partner. If you would like to be added to the list of those requesting partners, please email us at You must have partner to participate in event, and your relay registration will not be complete until both participants have registered.

What kind of start does the event have?

We will start in waves based on bib number, which is obtained in the order in which you register.

How many participants will there be?

A maximum of 500 participants will be accepted.

Are helmets mandatory?

Yes, helmets are mandatory.

Can I have an iPod or MP3 player?

No. Any device that could hinder your hearing is forbidden on the course; you will be asked remove such devices before the start of the event. Should there be an accident, use of these devices will void your USAT one-day excess accident insurance. 

Is this event timed?

Yes. Timing is provided by Mattoon Multisport. This is provided simply for personal timing. Participants will not be ranked based on completion times.

Can I walk instead of run?

Yes, we have several participants who walk.

Can I transfer my registration?

No. All registrations are final. You may not transfer or receive a refund.

How late can I register?

It is recommended to register before Aug. 30. Doing so by this date will guarantee you a participant shirt.