Biathlon Brigade

Biathlon Brigade Training Program

Memorial SportsCare athletic trainers created a special 12-week biathlon training program. The training program is designed for beginners, but can be adapted for those who have participated in the biathlon previously.

You’ll get a day-by-day training guide to get you ready for the Biathlon in September. We’ll meet twice a week to go over any questions or training issues you might experience. We’ll talk about how to stay motivated and what to do if you lose it! We’ll also go over nutrition and race day strategies. Then, we’ll do that day’s workout – together.

Sign Up for the Brigade

Registration is open for the Memorial SportsCare Women's Biathlon Brigade. 

Length of Training Program

12 weeks, July 1 – Sept. 19

Training Schedule

Every Wednesday and Friday, 5:30 -  6:30 p.m.  at Memorial SportsCare at the corner of Archer Elevator Rd. & W. Iles Ave.

Registration Fee

$50 registration fee. Includes a training plan, free t-shirt and support from Memorial’s SportsCare staff. 
Please note: This does NOT include the Women's Biathlon. The  biathlon requires a separate registration and registration fee. 

Meet the Trainers