Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate LogoRock Steady Boxing™ classes are designed specifically to help people with Parkinson's disease improve mobility and dexterity. 

Rock Steady Boxing is different than regular exercise classes because:

  • The program is tailored specifically for people with Parkinson's. 
  • Classes are designed to be modified for all levels of Parkinson's, at any stage of the disease.
  • Coaches focus on Parkinson's specifically and are trained to identify specific symptoms during a workout. 

There are four class options, each designed for a different stage of Parkinson's. Each participant will undergo an initial evaluation to ensure appropriate class placement.


  • $50 initial evaluation
  • Monthly classes are $60 per month

Call Memorial Outpatient Rehab at 217-862-0351 to register for a Rock Steady boxing class. A physician referral is not necessary. 

Memorial Outpatient Rehab is an affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing. 

You can learn more about Rock Steady Boxing at