McKenzie Treatment

McKenzie method (also known as Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy) is a unique method to assess and treat many problems. Although very commonly used for back and neck problems, it is also an appropriate choice of treatment for all joint problems. McKenzie assessment is a comprehensive and logical approach which uses symptom responses to repeated and end range joint motions. Research has shown the procedures to be very reliable. A McKenzie assessment may eliminate the need for expensive and/or invasive procedures.

McKenzie assessment is based on identifying symptom patterns through a thorough history taking and movement testing. Whether the patient is acute or chronic if centralization occurs good outcomes are expected.

There is no age limit to participate in the McKenzie assessment process. The assessment can be performed even during pregnancy and may also help those diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

The therapist will decide or limit patient’s activities or even participation in the treatment program based on the medical history and symptom responses.


McKenzie treatment can be flexion, extension, rotation and much more. The emphasis of the treatment is on patient education. This allows patient to be in control of their own symptom management and reduces the need for frequent clinic visits. The patients gain knowledge and understanding to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Not every patient will respond to mechanical diagnosis therapy. Mechanical therapy is stopped when there is no response, or when the patient is able to self manage the symptoms.

Our staff is trained to perform McKenzie assessment and treatment. A physician referral is required to start the treatment. For more information, call 217-862-0400 and ask to speak with a McKenzie trained therapist.