Center for Selective Eating & Feeding Disorders

The Center For Selective Eating and Pediatric Feeding Disorders is a multidisciplinary team including a speech pathologist/feeding specialist, registered dietitian, occupational therapist and psychologist. We work with your child's primary care physician and/or sub-specialist to improve your child’s ability to eat.

Services include feeding evaluations, feeding therapy services and video oropharyngeal swallow studies.

The team sees infants and children/teens with a history of prematurity, dysphagia, feeding aversion, oral motor problems, poor weight gain, failure to thrive, food allergy, eosinophilic esophagitis, digestive tract disorders and sensory/behavioral/motor-based feeding disorders. We also treat infants and children with a history of craniofacial anomalies (post cleft palate clinic), sensory processing disorder, cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, autism, vision/hearing impairment, non-oral feeders/tube fed children, and medically fragile infants and children.

Our team will develop a customized oral motor, feeding and positioning program to expand your child's diet in a safe, progressive manner. We will also address other issues, such as poor sleep, food refusal, fear/anxiety at meals, or problems in school or daycare that are related to feeding or development.

Your family will be provided with specific recommendations and receive instruction on how to implement the feeding program at home and in the daycare/educational setting.

For more information, call 217-862-0403 or email us.