Job Site Analysis

A job site analysis evaluates an employee's workstation and determines if the set-up is ergonomically correct. A variety of medical and health-related professionals perform job site analyses.

The analysis can also be performed for an injured worker to correct any flaws in the workstation design or for a group of non-injured employees as a preventative measure to avoid future injuries. A job site analysis also may determine whether or not work demands caused an employee's injury. When performing a job site analysis for causation, various risk factors can be identified that demonstrate a relationship between the worker and his or her environment. This objective information can be analyzed to determine the likelihood of a particular job causing an injury.

A job site analysis initially involves a brief interview with a doctor, case manager or adjustor to establish medical history or background information. An on-site "walk-through" is performed to get an overview of the department or work area that will be analyzed. Data is gathered, sometimes using video recording, about the work environment and the physical demands of the job. This information may resolve disputes over issues such as line speed, frequency of hand manipulations, material handling cycles, etc. After the data is collected, it is analyzed at the clinic and a final report is drafted.

Information included in a job site analyze report is:

  • The company's name, employee's name and the employee contact
  • The purpose of the job site analysis and a definitive statement regarding that purpose
  • Employee, co-worker and supervisor interviews
  • Significant objective data
  • Risk factors, solutions and or recommendations depending on the report's purpose

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