Industrial Rehab

In October, 2000 Memorial Medical Center opened Memorial Industrial Rehab to serve the workforce in the community. Located at 775 Engineering Avenue in Park South (Business Loop 55 and Stevenson Drive in Springfield), the facility provides state-of-the-art, "one stop shop" services for comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment of the injured worker. Memorial Industrial Rehab offers a continuum of services directed toward the prevention and management of work-related injuries. These services are offered in a modern, innovative clinic featuring digging pits, a utility pole to climb and other occupational components to enable realistic work simulation and re-training. Other services at the Springfield location facility include occupational medicine services provided by Midwest Occupational Health Associates (MOHA), a division of Springfield Clinic.

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At Memorial Industrial Rehab, you will find compassionate and dedicated staff, a commitment to help injured workers return to work quickly and safely, and the highest quality and most cost-effective industrial rehabilitative services in the region. We will partner with you, providing personal and customized service throughout the return to work process. Our staff includes specialists in the areas of industrial rehabilitation, functional testing, Illinois workers' compensation and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What is industrial rehabilitation?

Industrial rehabilitation is a general term that refers to a clinic or the services at a clinic that specializes in rehabilitation of injured workers. These services may include outpatient physical and occupational therapy, functional capacity evaluations, work conditioning/work hardening and job site analysis.

Can all outpatient therapy clinics perform industrial rehabilitation?

Technically, yes. Any therapy clinic can charge for functional capacity evaluations or work conditioning/work hardening. However, not all clinics that offer industrial rehabilitation specialize in rehabilitating injured workers or understand the underlying legal statutes, insurance laws and unique characteristics of the workers' compensation population. Many may add industrial rehabilitation to their list of offered services such as sports care, pool therapy and massage therapy. A true industrial rehabilitation clinic concentrates its professional efforts on assessing and treating the injured worker as its primary focus.

Are there differences between industrial rehabilitation and regular outpatient therapists?

Yes, the primary difference being the amount of time focused on dealing with the injured worker population and all of the parties involved. Not all therapists understand the needs of all of these parties (i.e., insurance adjustors, case managers, physicians and employers) in the workers' compensation cases. This lack of understanding and specialization in a general clinic often leads to inefficiency and ineffectiveness for those professionals with an interest in the case outside the clinic. Time is critical in workers' compensation cases. Phone calls, timely and objective documentation and teamwork are especially important. An effective industrial rehabilitation clinic and its therapists understand this facet of industrial rehabilitation.

Therapists who do not have this training or are unwilling to be an active member of the "team" cost insurance companies and employers financially and can undermine the therapeutic care of the injured worker.

Are there compliance guidelines or certifications for industrial rehabilitation clinics?

Currently, there are no guidelines or certifications for industrial rehabilitation clinics. CARF (a not-for-profit, international accrediting body for many healthcare-related services) does offer an accreditation for work hardening programs. However, most facilities do not hold such an accreditation, and it is not a guarantee of quality for the services offered.

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