Accessing our Services

We want you to have a great patient experience and achieve the best outcomes possible. Many of our therapists have earned advanced certifications in the specialty areas we offer.

Scheduling an appointment

You need a referral from your physician to have physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Your physician's office may call to set up your first visit, or give you a referral and ask you to schedule the appointment.


Check with your insurance plan to determine your plan's coverage for therapy services. Some plans require pre-authorization before therapy begins. Other plans don't require pre-authorization but have a maximum number of visits or a maximum amount of billed services that are covered. Some insurance policies require co-pays for each visit; others do not. You must understand your individual coverage and tell your therapist so plans for your care can be made accordingly.

Items to bring to your appointment

  • Insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • List of medications you're currently taking
  • List of allergies
  • List of prior illnesses or surgeries that may relate to your current condition
  • Comfortable, roomy clothes
  • Goals you would like to achieve
  • Positive attitude

What to expect

Your first appointment will be an evaluation. Your therapist will decide if therapy can help you. You'll work together to set up a treatment plan and schedule additional appointments as needed. We share all information about your treatment with your referring physician.

Recovery time

The length of your visit and the number of recommended visits depend on what your condition is, and how severe it is. Another key factor in your recovery is whether or not your follow your therapist’s instructions while you are at home. Doing your exercises at home is crucial and will enhance your recovery.

For more information about Memorial's Outpatient Therapy Services, call 217-788-3300 or email us.