Surgery is one of the most common treatments for cancer. A wide variety of surgical specialties and operations is used to treat cancer.

A biopsy, or sample of body tissue, is often removed to test for the presence of cancer. This procedure can often be done in your surgeon's office or in outpatient surgery at Memorial Medical Center or the day surgery center at the Baylis Building.

The Regional Cancer Center works with highly skilled surgeons throughout the Springfield area. General surgery, urology, plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, pulmonary surgery and neurosurgery are all examples of surgical specialties that are important in the care of individuals with cancer. Your primary care physician can help guide you toward the services of a well-qualified surgeon with experience in surgery for your special needs.

Whether you need outpatient surgery, or the more sophisticated services of an inpatient hospital stay, we are prepared to make your surgical experience as easy and reassuring as possible.