Inpatient Hospitalization

2E Oncology is a 28 bed adult medical unit at Memorial Medical Center. Adult and geriatric patients with medical problems may be admitted to the unit, but the main emphasis is on providing cancer care for any type of cancer diagnosis.

The unit's registered nurses, many of whom hold national certification as Oncology Certified Nurses, direct all patient care. The nurses on this unit receive special training to meet the unique physical and psychosocial needs of individuals diagnosed with cancer. The nurses involve the patient and their family directly in planning the care and resources needed for cancer treatment.

In addition to your physicians and nurses, an interdisciplinary team on the unit participates in every patient's care. Patients and families work with professionals from Case Management, Food and Nutrition, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Psychology, Pharmacy, Pastoral Care, and Social Services. An interdisciplinary plan of care assures that all of the team members involved in your care are working toward the goals you set with the nursing staff. Our staff takes pride in making your stay comfortable and helping you overcome the challenges presented by having cancer.