Home Safety

In case of a fire

Do you know of an emergency or second exit?

  • A window can be used if a door is blocked by smoke, heat or gases. 

Do you have a signal to alert entire family?

  • A whistle, pounding on the wall, shouting, etc. 

Do you have an identified meeting place after exit?

  • Everyone should be instructed to gather a predetermined meeting place.
  • Never go back into the house.
  • Call the Fire Department.
  • Use a neighbor's phone. 
  • Never go back into the home.

Educate your family

  • Sleep with the bedroom door closed.
  • If door is hot to the touch or if smoke is coming into room around the door, do not open the door. Leave the room by another exit.
  • If trapped inside a room, drop to crawl position to reach the cleanest air. Try to crawl to a safe exit.
  • Store coil, rope or window ladder to provide a safe exit from second story room.
  • Know where your home's smoke detector is located and what it sounds like.
  • Plan, discuss, and practice normal and emergency exits from your home.
  • Hold regular fire drills.