Patient Advisory Panel

The Patient and Family Advisory Panel (PFAP) is a volunteer group of former JointWorks patients and family members who meet with colleagues to share their story about going through a total joint replacement and the JointWorks program.

We know patient and family driven healthcare leads to happier patients. The panel represents both providers and receivers of healthcare who can talk about what changes need to be made. The invaluable insight and experiences of panel members is used to help guide change in practice. This includes before surgery, during the hospital stay and after discharge from the hospital.

The panel works together to enhance informed and seamless transition throughout the process of joint replacement. Although panel members change, the concept of PFAP remains the same. If you have had a hip or knee replacement at Memorial and would be interested in serving on our Patient Advisory Panel, call 217-788-3655.

Patient and Family Advisory Panel comments

"I've learned a lot about surgery and rehab as a result of my five orthopedic surgeries at Memorial Medical Center. I feel compelled to share with others to make their procedures easier for them and their families. Thanks for the opportunity to do this through our advisory group.” - Don Byram, Memorial JointWorks Patient

"There are many things we on the panel have discussed and made recommendations on based on our experiences as past patients. Hopefully future patients will have a better mental and confident attitude going into their procedure with these recommendations.” - John Dautel, Memorial JointWorks Patient

“The pain got so bad, I couldn’t sleep at night. There was no comfortable position to lie in. I knew it was bad when it hurt to sit, stand or walk. I knew it was really bad when I couldn’t find a comfortable spot to even lie down and sleep in.” - Former JointWorks patient

“Don’t wait when you have joint pain. Tell your doctor. Don’t put it off. Ask for a consultation with an orthopedic doctor to see what your options are.” - Former JointWorks patient

“You will have a better outcome and success with your new joint if you stay active until it’s time for surgery. Attend The First Steps Class, and The JointWorks Class. Knowledge is power.” - Former JointWorks patient

“Before surgery I could hardly get to the mailbox and back, because of the severe pain. Now I walk 1.5 miles per day with no pain.” - Former JointWorks patient “It allowed me to return to an active lifestyle. I never thought I would be able to do home maintenance and repair again, or play in my workshop. An advantage to me was a free membership in Fit Club aqua therapy through a Medicare Advantage insurance program.” - Former JointWorks patient

“I didn’t think I would ever again see my husband hike trails, do long term home improvement projects or actively play with our grand children. The knee joint replacement surgery changed all of that.” - Spouse of a former JointWorks patient