Our Services

At Memorial, we’re experts in everything orthopedic. We provide medical and surgical treatment of conditions and injuries relating the spine, bones and joints.

We have developed three programs that give you the most expert, comprehensive care from diagnosis through recovery. Every year, we help thousands of people get the treatment they need so they can get back to the life they enjoy.


JointWorks will help you throughout the hip or knee replacement surgery process. We ensure that you are prepared for your surgery, and that you have everything you need to make it a success — before, during and after your hospital stay. Learn more about the JointWorks program.


SpineWorks can help relieve back pain using the most advanced treatments available. Learn more about SpineWorks.


The premier program for athletes of all ages, SportsCare serves the weekend warrior and anyone who wants to achieve physical fitness and/or recover from illness or injury. Learn more about SportsCare.