Preparing for Surgery

Patients receive a personalized plan of care during their hospital stay. The next level builds on your original plan of care. If you are having hip surgery, watch the “Preparing for Discharge after Hip Surgery.” If you are having knee surgery, watch the “Preparing for Discharge after Knee Surgery.” “Pain Management during Hospitalization” addresses both hip and knee surgery and is meant to provide an overall, generalized view of how pain management is addressed. While surgical pain is present after surgery, there are many interventions to help manage surgical pain.

Everyone has a unique response to pain and pain management. Some may experience more pain than others, but there is always a level of surgical pain. The nursing team may offer pain medication when anticipating an increase in pain. Talk to the nurse, listen to suggestions and decide together the best plan for you. Remember the orthopedic team wants to assist in your pain management as much as possible. The goal is to manage surgical pain. Each day will bring increased pain management until one day surgical pain is no longer present.

The videos provide generalized information about what to expect following surgery. They don't replace what you learn with your orthopedic team during hospitalization or after discharge.