Heart Scan for MI

A heart scan is used to determine if a heart attack has occurred. Evidence of a myocardial infarction (MI) can only be visualized for a specific period of time, beginning 12 hours after the event and lasting a maximum of nine days.

How do I prepare for the exam?

No preparation is needed for this exam.

What can I expect during the exam?

This exam is conducted by a specially registered technologist in molecular imaging.

Two to four hours before the exam, you will be injected with an isotope.

You will lie on the exam table where images are obtained for approximately one hour.

What can I expect after the exam?

Unless your physician tells you otherwise, you may resume your normal activities after your molecular imaging scan. If any special instructions are necessary, you will be informed by a technologist, nurse or physician before you leave the molecular imaging department.

Your scan will be read by a radiologist specially trained in molecular imaging. A written report will be sent to your physician, who will contact you with results.