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MHVS Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure is one of the leading causes of hospitalization among older adults, and the number of people diagnosed with heart failure has increased significantly in recent years. Early recognition and treatment is critical because heart failure can be a debilitating condition.

What is heart failure?

Heart failure occurs when your heart is weakened and unable to pump effectively. Your body depends on the heart to supply oxygen-rich blood to the body’s cells. When the heart does not squeeze strongly enough or relax appropriately, blood can back up into the heart and lungs. Increased pressure then forces fluid from the blood into the breathing spaces of the lungs as well as other places.

What are the signs and symptoms of heart failure?

Patients with heart failure may experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue, tiredness, loss of energy
  • Loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort
  • Abdominal bloating (stomach swelling)
  • Swollen ankles or legs
  • Weight gain

Heart failure symptoms may seriously limit your activities, and many times patients are frightened by their diagnosis. However, there are treatments for heart failure that can help you feel better, stay out of the hospital, improve your quality of life and live longer. You can take control of your heart failure by understanding and carefully following your treatment plan.

What does Memorial's Heart Failure Clinic offer patients?

Memorial's Heart Failure Clinic takes a proactive, multidisciplinary team approach to prevention and treatment of heart failure. Patients with heart failure can benefit greatly from this program specifically designed to help them live more comfortably with their disease. The Heart Failure Clinic helps patients learn to recognize early signs and symptoms of heart failure and know when to seek treatment. Ignoring early symptoms and delaying treatment can lead to an emergency situation. Patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure can ask their physician to refer them to this program.

Memorial's Heart Failure Clinic offers the following services:

  • Patient and family education
  • Medication review and instruction by a registered pharmacist
  • Dietary consultation
  • Activity/exercise instruction
  • Referrals to support services
  • Technology, like Cardiocom Telescale, to help manage symptoms and medications

Memorial Medical Center continually performs independent research to improve patient outcomes.

For more information, call 217-788-0220.

For information on the Outpatient Heart Failure Clinic at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, call 217-605-5112; at Taylorville Memorial Hospital call 217-824-1695; and at Passavant Area Hospital call 217-479-5511. 

If you feel you could benefit from the services provided by Memorial's Heart Failure Clinic, please contact your physician for a referral.