Kids Heart Advantage

Because prevention is all about never getting a disease in the first place, we start where the education can have its greatest impact: with kids. And, with childhood obesity reaching epidemic levels in the US, the time has never been better for our Kids Heart Advantage program.

Launched by Memorial Heart and Vascular Services in 2005, Kids Heart Advantage teaches kids how to keep their hearts healthy through a series of interesting and educational activities. Hosted in elementary and middle schools, the program helps children learn how blood travels through the body, how the lungs work and what the consequences of smoking are, and how fitness, nutrition and lifestyle factor into keeping their hearts in good working shape.

During its first year, the Kids Heart Advantage program reached over 1,200 children in area schools, and another 500 children through the Boys & Girls Clubs. One of the most exciting aspects of the program is the ability to provide materials kids can share with family members, which helps involve the entire family in heart-healthy education.