Heart Attack or STEMI

ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) is the term used by cardiologists to describe what most people refer to simply as a “heart attack.”

It’s Memorial's goal to treat heart attacks within 80 minutes. The amount of time between a patient’s arrival in the Emergency Department to the moment treatment begins is crucial to a patient’s recovery. Ninety minutes is the standard recommended by the American College of Cardiology to minimize damage to the heart muscle.

The speed of Memorial’s dedicated emergency and cardiac response teams is ranked among the best in the country. From the Emergency Department to the Cardiac Cath Lab, our staff is committed to further reducing that response time.

"We have successfully committed resources to continually make improvements in the process for almost two decades, and we are always looking at ways to shave off another couple of minutes," said Karen Baur, RN, DNP, MPH, NE-BC, director of cardiovascular and pulmonary services. "You know you are making a difference when you are saving heart muscle. It means a great deal to the entire team."