Healthcare Psychology

With good emotional health, people are better able to physically recover from serious illness or traumatic injury or adjust to physical conditions such as infertility, postpartum depression, hypertension, arthritis, headaches, stroke or chronic pain. Those who are responding to challenging medical conditions will be better able to adjust to life changes and successfully manage responsibilities at work and home when their emotional health is strong.

Memorial Medical Center offers clinical psychology services to improve the functional living skills of persons recovering from disabling medical illness or injury through intensive, research-based treatment.

We are located on 3C at Memorial Medical Center.

Scope of our services

Memorial's clinical psychologists are doctors skilled in specialties to promote adjustment to physical illness or disability. These include:

  • Preparation for return to work following neurological injury
  • Adjustment to chronic illness, cancer (with focus on breast cancer), infertility and postpartum depression
  • Evaluations for dementia, brain injury and other neurologic conditions
  • Psychological evaluations for legal matters
  • Disability determination evaluations
  • Stress management
  • Adjustment to burn, spinal cord, brain or other traumatic injury
  • Adjustment to stroke or other neurological disorders
  • Assistance to overcome anxiety disorders or depression
  • Chronic pain management techniques for headaches, arthritis and other medical conditions
  • Behavioral management of chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, morbid obesity and arthritis)
  • Adaptation to aging
  • Treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder after traumatic injury
  • Mindful Eating Program through Memorial Bariatric Services