Family Maternity Suites offers education throughout pregnancy and beyond, ensuring that you have all the information you need to help your baby get a healthy start in life.

The Miracle of Birth - Class 1

This interactive class discusses a day you'll never forget - the birth of your baby. It's recommended, but not required, as a three-part series along with the following two classes.

Taking Care of You - Class 2

This class will focus on the new mom's care during her hospital stay as well as what to expect over the next few weeks. You'll tour our Family Maternity Suites, and we'll answer your individual questions and concerns. Our goal is to make your experience at Memorial's Family Maternity Suites stress-free and enjoyable.

Baby Care Users' Manual - Class 3

This is a guide to infant care and parenting skills in the first weeks. You'll learn about newborn care and how to choose a healthcare provider for your child.

Birth and Beyond All-Day Class

For the on-the-go parent, this class is an all-day session that combines all three of the "Expectant Parents" classes. Feel free to bring snacks. Lunch is on your own.

Living with Baby: Infant Safety

There's so much to think about and prepare for when a new baby begins to move around in the house. This class is designed to help you childproof your infant's environment. Grandparents, friends and family who will share in your infant's care will also benefit from this valuable information. The course also addresses car-safety for infants and children.

Breastfeeding Basics

This class provides parents with information about breastfeeding and offers support for a new breastfeeding families. Fathers and grandmothers are encouraged to attend to learn what breastfeeding is like and what to expect. You'll discuss how breastfeeding is started in the hospital, what to expect in those first weeks, how to handle work situations and how to pump and store milk. When you leave class, you'll have the basic knowledge of correct and comfortable positioning and how to assess adequate feeding.

The Whys of Cries

This class may be attended either prior to the birth of your baby or after you have given birth. General discussion of newborn behavior will help you know why your baby cries, and teach you methods to calm and comfort your baby.

I'm Going to be a Big Brother/Sister

This class is for siblings from 3 to 7 years old. Soon-to-be big brothers or sisters attending this class are prepared for the new baby's arrival. Each child has the opportunity to wrap a special gift for their baby. This class includes a discussion of their role as a big brother or sister. Parents help their young ones practice holding, diapering and wrapping a life-size doll. They'll visit the Family Maternity Suites and have a chance to see a newborn baby. And when it's all done, each child received a special certificate.

Lactation Consultation

The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby are well-documented. Some moms or babies, however, have problems with breastfeeding. If you're experiencing challenges, a breastfeeding consultation may be helpful. Each situations needs individual attention. Private appointments can be made at the mother's or physician's request.

Prepared Childbirth

Lamaze more completely prepares the childbearing couple for the much-anticipated birth of their child. The classes offer in-depth explanations of pregnancy-related discomforts, comfort measures for both pregnancy and labor, the labor and delivery process, massage techniques, positioning and relaxation and breathing techniques to better cope with the birth. Birthing options - including Cesarean delivery, induction of labor and medications - are included. (Check with your insurance provider to see if a portion of the fee is covered.) Registration for this class is strongly recommended by the beginning of your sixth month of pregnancy.

Mom Baby Group

Join this fun and educational opportunity for mothers and babies in the Springfield area. It's an informal and relaxed gathering that encourages interaction and long-lasting friendships. The ongoing group meets Thursdays, except on holidays. Participation is open to all moms and their infants, newborns to 12 months old. Soon after birth, when you feel comfortable, call to make arrangements to attend.