Primary Care, ExpressCare or Emergency

Primary Care Physician

Primary care physicians' offices are often the first stop for medical treatment. The advantage to seeing your primary care whenever possible is your complete medical history will be in front of the doctor to assist with diagnosis. Over time, your doctor will get to know you and be able recognize signs that indicate a potential change in your health. Visit for a list of Memorial Physician Services' locations and physician profiles.

You should see your primary care physician for conditions such as:

cold and flu symptoms symptoms of depression frequent headaches
diabetes management pregnancy tests sudden weight loss or gain
school and sports physicals medication refills unusual changes in health

These are examples of common conditions and not a complete list.


If your primary care provider is not available and your symptoms don't call for a trip to the Emergency Department, visit one of three Memorial ExpressCare locations in Springfield. The advantages to visiting Memorial ExpressCare are convenient hours seven days a week, no appointment is needed and imaging and lab tests are onsite.

Visit or text "wait" to 411217 for wait times at each of the three locations. Our wait times tell you:

  • How many patients are at each of the three ExpressCare locations
  • The longest wait time for patients who are on-site at each ExpressCare (not including exam room time)

We provide this information to help you choose which location to visit. Please know wait times may be longer or shorter once you arrive at ExpressCare.

Illnesses treated at ExpressCare include:

cold, cough and flu symptoms

minor burns and cuts

sore throat


ear, eye, and skin infections

urinary tract infections

fractures and strains

nausea and vomiting

skin rashes

These are examples of common conditions and not a complete list.

Emergency Department

Patients suffering from life-threatening conditions should call 911 or immediately go to the Memorial Medical Center Emergency Department, located at corner of Dodge and Rutledge Streets in Springfield. Memorial's Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Examples of emergencies include:

chest pain



inability to breathe

loss of consciousness

broken bones


severe burns

any traumatic events

These are examples of common conditions and not a complete list.