Chest Pain Center

If you or someone with you is having chest pain, call 911 immediately and stay on the phone for help. Do not drive to the hospital. EMTs and paramedics have the ability to evaluate, and in some cases, begin treatment immediately for heart attacks.

Memorial's Emergency Department has a dedicated Cardiac Response Team is ready to help stop a heart attack in its tracks. Memorial's Chest Pain Center is located in our Emergency Room for the fastest access possible. If you’re having chest pain:

  • Cardiac Response Team members begin treatment and diagnosis within 30 seconds of your arrival to the Emergency Department.
  • An EKG is completed within 10 minutes. A Cardiac Response Team physician completes your evaluation within 25 minutes.
  • When necessary, the Cardiac Response Team physician consults with a cardiologist and a Cardiac Catheterization Lab team is paged.
  • The procedure to open blocked blood vessels in the heart is performed in Memorial's Cardiac Catheterization Lab - where over 8,700 heart catheterizations are performed every year.
  • Procedures, on average, are completed within 65 minutes of patient arrival at Memorial's Emergency Department. That’s 25 minutes faster than American College of Cardiology guidelines.
  • Memorial's Chest Pain Center is equipped with a dedicated, "speed-of-light" CAT scanner -- the only Emergency Department in Springfield equipped with such a unit.
  • Memorial's integrated, online medical imaging services provide high-speed, expert interpretation of advanced x-rays.
  • Our expert on-staff radiologists are available to consult with physicians 24/7/365.

If you need more information, call 217-788-3030, or email us .