How Trauma Works

Patients with an injury that puts their life or limbs at risk receive Level 1 Trauma care. 

Trauma patients are seen by the Trauma Team in Memorial’s Emergency Department trauma room. When patients arrive, they first undergo tests including labs and X-rays. They may then go directly to surgery or to a hospital room.

If the patient’s condition is severe enough, he or she may go to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or another area of the hospital. The Trauma team helps care for the patient throughout the hospital stay and after until follow-up is no longer needed, or the patient’s primary care provider takes over.  

Most patients receive some form of follow-up care from the Trauma Team. Those will the least severe injuries may visit our outpatient clinic one or two times, while those with very severe injuries may require long-term follow-up.  

Depending on the patient’s injuries and therapy needs, the patient may go from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility before going home.