Stroke Care

If you need emergency care, call 911 and stay on the phone for assistance, or visit Memorial's Emergency Department.

When a patient exhibiting signs of a stroke arrives in Memorial's Emergency Room, a dedicated Stroke Response Team is ready to swing into action. We provide advanced digital imaging and instant, expert analysis.

Our patient mortality rate is four times better than the national average, but we offer much more than survival. As the number three killer in America, stroke is also the leading cause of adult disability. We give you access to the only program in downstate Illinois that features a rehab facility with five-fold CARF accreditation for comprehensive rehabilitation, brain injury program, spinal cord systems of care, stroke specialty and outpatient medical rehabilitation program, making it one of four healthcare facilities around the globe to share this unique distinction

  • Memorial's smarter care for stroke patients is reflected in a 94 percent survival rate - compared to a national average of 75 percent.
  • Memorial's Emergency Department is equipped with a dedicated, "speed-of-light" CAT scanner.
  • Integrated, online medical imaging services provide high-speed, expert interpretation of advanced x-rays.
  • Expert, on-staff radiologists are available to consult with physicians 24/7/365.
  • Approximately 80 percent of stroke patients who receive therapy at five-fold accredited Memorial Rehab Services resume community living.

Stroke strikes more than 600,000 Americans of all ages every year. Stroke is a threat to women as well as men. In fact, the number of women who die of stroke every year is double the number who die from breast cancer.

Know the warning signs of stroke. Respond to a brain attack just like you would treat a heart attack. Call 911.

If you need more information, call 217-788-3000, or email us.