Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory (EEG)

The Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory at Memorial Medical Center offers physicians and patients a full line of electroneurodiagnostic services to assist in effective diagnoses and management of many neurological disorders. 

The lab is equipped with seven EEG systems which provide digitized acquisition and storage of EEG data. Further, there are two ambulatory EEG systems for home continuous EEG monitoring. These advanced system capabilities offer physicians improved localization of brain abnormalities, including the mapping of seizures.

The Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory is equipped with two state-of-the art Evoked Potential Instruments, used to evaluate and assess brain waves (Sensory Evoked Potentials) evoked by light, sound and touch stimulation in certain disease processes. EEG and Sensory Evoked Potentials may also be used during spinal, intracranial, or vascular surgical procedures, to measure the functional integrity of the central and peripheral nervous systems during surgery. The goal of Intraoperative Monitoring is to promptly detect any changes, which if left uncorrected could lead to permanent neurological deficit.

In addition, the Lab offers Long Term Monitoring for Epilepsy with a six bed Neuro Intensive Monitoring Unit. The unit is staffed by specialized nurses and END Technologists, and allows continuous long-term monitoring of patients with simultaneous video monitoring. Seizure activity can be recorded and documented over an extended period of time, under the care of SIU Center of Epilepsy.

Testing is performed by five highly skilled END Technologists in accordance with ABRET Guidelines, and overseen by neurologists who have received specific training and experience in the field of Electroneurodiagnostics. The Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory is located on the 3rd floor of Memorial Medical Center, and provides inpatient and outpatient testing for adults, children and infants.

For more information, please call 217-788-3911, or email us.