Inpatient Services

Memorial's behavioral health units are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for people with primary psychiatric disorders.

At admission, patients receive a thorough assessment, followed by the creation of a treatment plan that takes into account the individual needs of each patient. The patient will be involved in the formulation of the treatment plan. Family members are encouraged to participate to the extent the patient wishes them to be involved.

The treatment team consists of psychiatrist, nursing staff, psychotherapists, activity therapists and a nutritionist. Other medical specialists may be consulted as needed, and chaplaincy services are available. Concurrent substance abuse issues will be evaluated by a certified substance abuse specialist.

The patient will participate in development of a comprehensive discharge plan that addresses follow up care and medications.

All care in behavioral health units must meet guidelines set forth by regulatory agencies. These guidelines will be explained at admission. It is important for families to understand that the patient's right to privacy is highly protected. The patient (or designated decision maker) must specifically indicate, in writing, that information about his/her treatment may be shared with others.

For further information, please call 217-788-3405.