Hermes-Deakin Suicide Risk Assessment

The Hermes-Deakin Suicide Risk Assessment Tool© was created after nurses on Memorial's Psychiatric unit recognized a need for an enhanced risk assessment tool. Commonly-used instruments focus on patients at chronic risk for suicide but not those with an acute (imminent) risk for suicide while hospitalized. The Iowa Model of Evidenced Based Practice was used to guide the framework and development of this new instrument.

To obtain the Hermes-Deakin Suicide Risk Assessment Tool©:

Step 1: Read and sign copyright agreement.

Step 2: Send signed copyright agreement via mail to:

Memorial Medical Center
Adult Behavioral Health 5A/G
Brenda Hermes, RNC, BSN. Kathy Deakin, RNC, BA.
701 North 1st Street
Springfield, IL 62781

Step 3: Download the Hermes-Deakin Suicide Risk Assessment Tool ©.

Consultations are available in person or over the phone from the creators of the suicide risk assessment tool. Please contact Brenda Hermes or Kathy Deakin for further information. The authors are available by phone at 217-788-3405.