Edmonson Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment

Psychiatric patients have unique risk factors for falling. During acute hospitalizations, many psychiatric patients are assessed for falls using tools validated only on medical/surgical units. The Edmonson Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool© was created specifically for the unique needs of the psychiatric inpatient population.

The assessment instrument was developed using a descriptive, prospective study measuring sensitivity and specificity. The Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice was used to guide the framework and development of the new instrument. The nine risk factors included in the tool were developed through careful review of literature and clinical expertise.

The Edmonson Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool © is more sensitive to the inpatient psychiatric population than other fall risk assessment tools. Proper identification of these risk factors will guide the interventions essential to maintain patient safety and enhanced quality of care.

To obtain the Edmonson Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool©:

Step 1: Read and sign copyright agreement.

Step 2: Send signed copyright agreement via mail to:

Memorial Medical Center
Inpatient Psychiatry c/o Deborah Edmonson, RNBC, BSN
701 North First Street
Springfield, IL 62781

Call 217-788-3524 if you have any questions.

Step 3: Download the Edmonson Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool ©.

Consultations are available in person or over the phone from the creator of the fall risk assessment tool. Please contact Deborah Edmonson for further information on consultations by email or by phone at 217-788-3505.