Insurance Considerations

We encourage patients to contact their insurance company's Customer Service Department and ask these questions:Does my insurance policy cover bariatric surgery?

  • Which procedures does my policy cover?
  • What are the qualifications for insurance coverage?
  • Request your policy in writing. (Most insurance companies can refer you to your policy on their website, which you can download or print.)

If your insurance company provides coverage for bariatric surgery, this does not necessarily mean that every aspect of your bariatric procedure, including pre- and post-surgical care, will be covered by your insurance plan.

  • There may be out-of-pocket expenses.
  • The details and guidelines of your particular insurance plan will determine what is and is not covered, and what you will be responsible to pay on your own.
  • Pre-authorization or a referral from your primary care physician may also be needed.

Patients also have the option of paying for their bariatric procedure, pre- and post-surgical treatment entirely on their own, without insurance coverage.

  • Cash payment plans and bank health loans are both good options to assist cash-pay patients with affording their surgery.

Memorial Bariatric Services can assist patients in understanding their insurance coverage, as well as self-pay options.