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Bariatric Surgery Results and Lifestyle Changes

Learn more about life after bariatric surgery from the patient's point of view.

Watch a short video of patients talking about their experience with bariatric surgery.

  • Visits with the surgeon and Memorial Bariatric Services team are required following surgery.
  • Lifelong follow-up with the interdisciplinary team is critical for successful weight loss, optimal nutritional status, and physical and mental health.
  • Routine laboratory testing is crucial to ensure optimal health after surgery.
  • The entire Memorial Bariatric Services team is committed to providing support and guidance for patients through the recovery process and aid in the transition home and back to their daily lives.
  • Patients must be prepared to adjust their attitudes and habits related to eating, exercising, taking nutritional supplements, coping with stress and eating for pleasure.
  • Monthly support groups are strongly encouraged for post-operative bariatric surgery patients. Bariatric support groups meet in Springfield and Normal and provide a forum for ongoing education and social support as bariatric patients need someone to support and listen to their experience while they make long term changes.
  • Patients who elect to have bariatric surgery must commit to a new lifestyle emphasizing healthy eating, daily exercise, and effective stress management. Changes in lifestyle can impact the patient as well as friends and family.
  • Sharing recipes and ideas with other bariatric patients is encouraged through support groups and resources such as Memorial Bariatric Services' online Bariatric Cookbook, which offers bariatric-friendly recipes, ingredient-substitute suggestions and a forum to post comments and recipes of your own as you adapt your diet and cooking skills to your post-surgery life.