Printing & Duplication

How to Place an Order

1. Request Quote

To request a quote send an email with your contact information, printing specifications, quantity, paper, ink color and due date to using the print shop electronic order form, then press the "email" button and your request will be sent directly to the print shop email. When all information is received, a quote will be provided within 24 hours.

2. Submit Files

Accepted File Formats

We strongly encourage only press-ready PDF files to be submitted. However, it is difficult to make changes or correct problems in this format. If the file needs to be corrected or modified in any way the source document will need to be sent. The following file types are acceptable:

  • Postscript
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Adobe InDesign (CS6 or older)
  • EPS
  • Al
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Publisher
  • PowerPoint

Additional charges for pre-press will be included with printing cost if applicable.

Print-Ready File Specs

  • Minimum resolution of 300 dpi for graphics
  • Line art resolution of 1200 dpi
  • PMS ink colors specified
  • 4-color images must be in CMYK mode - NO RGB or INDEX color
  • Black-and-white images must be saved in GRAYSCALE mode
  • 100% Black used - please do not use process Black
  • Screens should be 10% or greater
  • All fonts embedded and/or outlined
  • Use .25pt as a thickness for a fine rule or greater
  • Specify trim area with crop marks (Don't place crop marks inside the work area)
  • Artwork should have 1/8" (0.125") bleed from trim line
  • 0.375" gripper for press files

Steps for Submitting Files

Small files under 10 megabytes can be e-mailed to

Larger files can be uploaded to our FTP server. E-mail to receive a login and password. Once you receive a login and password you can upload the file. You will receive a phone call or email to confirm your file was received. If submitting multiple files, compress the files into one archive such as .zip. Larger files can also be submitted on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or a flash drive.

3. Proof & Approval

Proofs will be emailed as low resolution Adobe PDF files. High-resolution and color-copied hard proofs can be requested. After careful review please reply with final approval or note any changes. Prompt response to email is needed in order to keep the scheduled delivery date. If changes are made in house additional charges may apply.

4. Turnaround and Shipping

Turn-around time is on average 10-15 business days. Include a due date when requesting a quote or submitting a job. FedEx shipping is available and will be added to the final billing invoice. Print requests can also be picked up from the print shop office during normal office hours,  7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.