Shared Governance

Our shared governance model has been in place since 1991. The fundamental elements are our Unit-Based Councils which are found in every nursing unit/department. These comprise nursing staff members and their nurse manager, often in collaboration with interdisciplinary colleagues. They focus on nursing practice and quality improvement opportunities. Members share information with their unit colleagues in one-to-one communication.

The Unit-Based Councils are represented in:

  • The Nursing Performance and Outcomes Council - Shares best nursing care practices, evaluates nursing-sensitive quality indicators, and works toward excellent patient outcomes.  
  • The interdisciplinary Quality Practice Council - Includes representatives from all patient care disciplines. Focuses on patient care practice issues that span multiple disciplines.  
  • The interdisciplinary Patient Care Policy and Procedure Committee - Ensures that patient care policies and procedures are evidence based and current. 
  • The Magnet Steering Committee - Includes staff nurses, managers, directors and our Chief Nursing Officer. Facilitates communication about the Forces of Magnetism and coordinates our work toward Magnet re-designation.  
  • The Nursing Retention and Recognition Committee - Includes staff nurses and nurse managers. Implements our retention and recognition strategic plan.  
  • The Nursing Research Advisory Group - Includes staff nurses, nurse managers, directors, our Chief Nursing Officer and academic partners. Determines our nursing research agenda and strategic plan.  
  • The Nursing Research Council - Includes staff nurses, Nursing Research Facilitators and our Director of Nursing Research and Academic Partnerships. Implements our nursing research agenda and strategic plan.