Nursing Professional Development

At Memorial Medical Center, we're a regional tertiary care teaching hospital. The pace is fast; the clinical environment complex. That's why we're always introducing new, state-of-the-art technology. It helps our nursing staff care for their patients, ease their workloads and the physical demands of delivering patient care, and improves access to patient information and communication between caregivers.

Simply put, technology frees nurses to better focus on direct patient care. We're not interested in the latest bells and whistles. We look for technology that helps nurses deliver the best quality of care and improves patient and employee safety.

Memorial's high tech environment incorporates technology in the following categories:

  • Electronic medical records/computerized patient documentation
  • Automated clinical decision support systems
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Smart IV pump technology
  • Mobile communication devices
  • Patient education materials and methods
  • Medication administration (Pyxis med stations and electronic medication administration records)
  • Supply management/inventory (Omnicell supply cabinets)
  • Ergonomic equipment (patient lifting/transferring devices, in-bed patient scales)
  • Nursing expert databases (NursingConsult, Micromedex, etc.)

Our electronic medical record (PowerChart) allows access to patient information to anyone, anywhere who needs information about a patient he/she is caring for, making it easier to know exactly what is happening with your patient when it's happening.

By electronically capturing patient information, once the data has been entered, it's permanently stored for future visits so patients don't have to answer the same basic questions each time they are seen at Memorial.

The future for additional technological advancements in the healthcare industry is bright. It's our intent and our commitment to remain on the cutting edge within our clinical work environments.