Nursing FAQ

What kinds of nursing units are available?

View available nursing positions. Memorial also offers a unique opportunity: the Clinical Support Team. A "unit without walls", the CST is a group of RNs, LPNs, CNAs, techs, and unit clerks who float to various units depending on patient and staffing needs. These special nursing employees are multi-skilled, very flexible, and paid at a premium rate to compensate for their willingness to serve a wide variety of needs.

What scheduling options are available?

We have many benefited full time, benefited part time, and non-benefited positions. Staff may work eight-hour shifts, 12-hour shifts, or portions of shifts depending on each unit's needs. Eight-hour shifts usually begin at 6:45 a.m., 2:45 p.m., and 10:45 p.m. Some units have staggered hours for their 12-hour shifts. 12-hour shifts may begin at 6:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 6:45 p.m., or 10:45 p.m., depending on the unit. Not all options are available on every unit. The nurse manager will explain scheduling possibilities at the time of an interview.

All nursing units use self-scheduling using Active Staffer scheduling software, which allows nursing staff to select a schedule in advance. Active Staffer can be accessed from home as well as inside the Medical Center.

Do you have a clinical ladder?

We have had a clinical ladder for RNs since 1991, allowing staff nurses to advance in status and salary within a unit while remaining in direct patient care. All novice nurses and most other nurses begin as Clinical Nurse I. Nurses can be promoted as high as a Clinical Nurse IV, following consistent evidence of high-quality performance, credit attainment in clinical performance, education, contributions to Memorial, and contributions to the nursing profession. With each promotion, benefited nurses receive a salary increase in addition to an annual merit increase.

Do you hire new grads into the Intensive Care Units?

We hire new graduate nurses into our Medical ICU (7C), Surgical ICU (2C), Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit, Operating Room, Post-Anesthesia Care unit, Regional Burn Center, Dialysis unit, and our medical, neurological, and surgical Intermediate Care (IMC) units. All new graduates hired into the intensive care and IMC units receive an extensive orientation including an online standardized curriculum, IMC training, and extended preceptorship.

What is included in the nursing staff orientation process?

As a new member of Memorial's nursing staff, you will attend new employee onboarding to become familiar with the basic safety, quality, and clinical effectiveness policies of Memorial. This is followed by a four-and-a-half day Nursing Team Onboarding, working in a team-centered learning environment to understand roles of patient care givers at Memorial. Members of many nursing and interdisciplinary departments interact with you on topics including the nursing mission and vision, chain of command, nursing skills, medication administration, team nursing, quality improvement, cultural competence, and coping with personal and professional transition processes. Your progress through orientation is documented in a competency orientation and learning plan that is shared with your nurse manager and preceptor. Orientation continues within each nursing unit, focusing on unit-specific competencies and initiatives.

All new nurses are partnered with a long-term mentor who helps the new nurse transition to being a Memorial nurse and facilitates a great place to work for the new nurse.

Do nursing staff have to rotate shifts?

Sometimes. The frequency of this depends on the individual unit. The nurse manager can explain this in detail during the interview process.

Are nursing staff required to float to other units?

Depending on patient census and patient acuity, staff from a unit with lower needs may be required to float to a unit with higher needs. New nursing staff members do not float for up to nine months after beginning work at Memorial, depending on their readiness. Nurses that float may be teamed with an RN in the receiving unit rather than being given an independent patient assignment, based on comfort and competence level. No nurse is ever asked to accept an assignment with which he or she is uncomfortable.

Is tuition assistance available?

Any nurse who is interested in further education is eligible for tuition reimbursement - please see our Human Resources page to learn more about benefits. We also have an educational grant process that enables us to support staff seeking further education to attain an advanced position.

What kinds of continuing education are available?

Memorial's quality leadership courses, nursing competencies verification, and preceptor development program are outstanding. ACLS certification, Intermediate Care Unit training, and nursing technician training are all available through our Organization Learning & Development department.

Nursing staff are encouraged and supported financially to attend conferences locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Memorial also hosts a variety of on-site seminars and conferences based on staff interest and need.

Nurses are encouraged to seek specialty certification. Individuals are reimbursed for certification and recertification fees and for exam preparation materials.

What type of nursing care delivery system is in place at Memorial?

All nursing units work in a team-centered model, with the RN as the team leader. LPNs, nursing technicians, certified nursing assistants, and unit clerks work under the direction and supervision of the RNs completing delegated assignments.

What kind of recognition program does Memorial offer for nursing staff?

A special distinction is awarded annually to "The Employee of the Unit", a designation bestowed by peers to one nursing staff member in each nursing unit. These exemplary nursing staff members are recognized in a special dinner held at Memorial and attended by the awardees, their nurse managers, and members of Memorial administration.

In addition, an "Employee of the Month" is selected from among all Memorial employees, and is recognized at the monthly department managers meeting. Nursing staff frequently receive this special distinction. One of these award recipients is selected as Employee of the Year.

Our Nursing Clinical Excellence Award is presented quarterly based on peer nomination, rotating from nursing assistant/technician to unit clerk to LPN to RN.

One nurse is selected as Preceptor of the Year and one as Mentor of the Year, based on peer nomination. These individuals are recognized during our Nursing Team Week Celebration each May.

Nursing staff who achieve educational or professional accomplishments and/or specialty certification are also recognized in our Nursing Newsletter which is published six times per year.

Does Memorial offer clinical learning experiences for students?

Memorial is proud to be affiliated with many local and regional nursing education programs for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, advanced practice nurses, and nurse anesthetists. We provide clinical rotations in all of our nursing units and in nursing administration.

We have a summer internship for student nurses between their junior and senior years of nursing education. Interns work with a nurse preceptor to learn the role of the RN. Shift and unit depend on the intern's needs and area of interest. An extended internship is available in the fall for exceptional interns.

Can Memorial nursing staff transfer to another unit if they develop new work interests?

They certainly can, and we help to make that happen. New nursing employees are encouraged to remain in their original position for at least six months to allow for sufficient adjustment time. After that, they can request a transfer to another unit as positions are available. However, we will transfer a new employee sooner if the chosen unit isn't a "good fit" for that employee.

Because we are a member of a multi-institution corporation, our nursing staff have special flexibility in employment. Besides the opportunity to transfer within Memorial to other units of interest, an employee may choose to transfer to one of the other affiliates in Memorial Health System with no loss of seniority or benefits.