Summer Internship

Here's your personal invitation to apply for our paid Summer Student Nurse Internship and discover great nursing at Memorial Medical Center.

We welcome you to consider participating in this exciting summer employment opportunity that will give you a close look at the "real life" of hospital nursing. It may be the first step to future employment with us when you're a nurse graduate.

Our Summer Internship is offered to student nurses during the summer before their senior year in nursing school. It's designed to give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the multifaceted role of the RN. You'll be partnered with a staff nurse who will help you learn to be a nurse - to integrate your nursing education learning experiences with the real world of professional nursing.

You'll learn communication skills, develop interdisciplinary relationships, sharpen your assessment and critical-thinking skills and learn the processes of delegation and supervision of nursing staff.

You can choose a full-time or part-time internship and the length of your internship. Most interns choose to work full time for 10 weeks.

The Internship includes a capstone experience - a project of the intern's choice that's designed to "give back" something to the unit in which the intern works. This might be an educational poster for nursing staff, contributing to some type of process improvement work, participating as an ambassador in our summer "Teens Experiencing Nursing" Summer Camp, or work on a special project in collaboration with the intern's nurse manager.

Want more information? Contact the People Division at 217-788-4521.

Interns can apply for an extended internship that would enable the intern to continue into the senior school year.