Nursing Excellence Fund

The Nursing Excellence Fund provides resources for innovative programs and initiatives that strengthen the professional development of our nursing staff, improve nursing practice and support nursing research. Established in 2002 through a partnership with the Memorial Medical Center Foundation, the Nursing Excellence Fund is supported by a variety of philanthropic activities. It puts Memorial on the cutting edge and positions us as a leader in the area of professional nursing.

Initiatives supported by the Nursing Excellence Fund cover a broad range of recruitment, retention and work redesign efforts. They include:

  • Funding for nursing certification exam fees and recertification fees
  • Patient lifting and transferring devices
  • Wireless phones for nursing staff
  • Family communication technology
  • Nursing education conferences and seminars

Plans under way for future uses of the Nursing Excellence Fund include:

  • Nursing Career Center
  • State-of-the-art nursing skills lab
  • Clinical excellence awards
  • Patient education technology and aids
  • Nursing research awards
  • Electronic patient equipment tracking system

Through the generous resources available from the Nursing Excellence Fund, we're able to build on our commitment to help our nurses grow personally and professionally.