Patient Transfers & Physician Consults


If you are a provider or clinician and would like to transfer a patient to Memorial Medical Center, one phone call to our toll-free number is all it takes.

Our 24/7 round-the-clock nursing staff will answer the phone and respond regarding acceptance and transfer the patient or find you an attending physician to consult regarding your patient’s situation.

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Patient Transfers

For hospital-to-hospital direct admissions and ED-to-ED transfers, complete your patient transfer in three easy steps:

  1. Call number above and speak to one of our RNs.
  2. Initiate transfer by answering a few questions.
    • What is the referring hospital name, phone number, and fax number?
    • What is the referring physician’s name and contact numbers?
    • What is the patient’s name, age, diagnosis, and type of specialty care or service requested?
    • What is the clinical status of the patient?
  3. Send patient and SBAR to complete transfer.

Patient Transfer SBAR Form

The SBAR template is a standardized report form for Memorial Medical Center. Fill out this form to complete your patient transfer.

As a national leader of excellence in care, Memorial Medical Center uses the SBAR (Pronounced S-Bar) as a formalized method of communication with other healthcare practitioners.

What is an SBAR?The SBAR form consists of four major areas:

Includes relevant background information specific to the situation. For example, this could include the patient’s diagnosis, his mental status, current vital signs, complaints, pain level, and physical assessment findings.

When calling a healthcare provider, identify the patient and the problem. Describe what is happening at the present time that has warranted the SBAR communication.

Offer an analysis of the problem. Isolate the problem to the body system that might be involved and describe the seriousness of the problem. Convey more extensive data about the patient, such as changes from prior assessments.

State what you think would help resolve the situation or what is the desired response.

Miscommunication is the most common cause of patient injury or death. Memorial has taken steps to reduce the number of miscommunication errors, one of which is the use of the SBAR form providing a structure for communication.

Please feel free to use this complete communication tool within your organization.

Physician Consults

Want to discuss additional options for your patients with another physician or need specialized information in a hurry? Now you can get the information you need from a physician or specialist at Memorial Medical Center by calling 877-662-7829.

One toll-free call puts you in touch with more than 500 specialists in 50 medical specialties. A trained registered nurse will answer and route your call to an appropriate physician or expert.


  • Review specific patient cases
  • Transfer a patient to Memorial Medical Center
  • Discuss the latest diagnostic or therapeutic approaches