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Services and Areas of Specialty

This information is provided as a resource for questions about our programs. Acute care needs should contact MemorialACCESS at 877-662-7829.

Bariatric Services
Contact: Kimberly Paskiewicz, MPH, RD, LDN | System Director, Bariatric Services
Phone 217-788-4381│Fax 217-527-3209│Email

Bariatric Physician Forms:

Bariatric Evaluation Form - Memorial Consultation Orders

Bariatric Evaluation Form - Advocate Bromenn Consultation Orders

Bariatric Evaluation Form - Blessing Consultation Orders

MSWL Checklist

Diabetes Services
Contact Kathy Levin, RD, LDN, CDE | Coordinator, Diabetes Services
Phone 217-788-3948 │Fax 217-527-3209│Email

Diabetes Management Education Referral Form

Emergency Department
Emergency Department
Contact: Jenn Davis,| Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
Phone 217-788-3030 | Fax 217-788-6459 | Email

Level 1 Trauma Center
Contact: Becky Wilson, RN-C,BSN,MPH | Trauma Program Manager | Southern Illinois Trauma Center
Phone 217-545-5395 | Email

ED Specialties include:

Star 80

Level 1 Trauma Center

Integrated Medical Imaging

Chest Pain Center

Psychiatric Response Team

Regional Burn Center

Stroke Response

Dedicated CAT scanner

Pediatric Care Certified

Heart & Vascular Services
Heart & Vascular Services
Contact: Paula Harwood | Nurse Manager, Cardio Pulmonary Rehab & Heart Failure
Phone 217-788-4986 | Fax 217-757-7846 | Email

Radial Access Catheterization

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Contact: Jessica Dour, RN, MSN, FNP-C | Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Phone 217-545-0342 | Fax 217-545-7053 | Email

NeuroScience Services
Contact: Teresa Reiser | Director, NeuroMuscular Sciences
Phone 217-788-3775 | Fax 217-788-5530 | Email

Orthopedic Services & JointWorks Program
Orthopedic Services & JointWorks Program
Contact: Jennifer Perkins | Program Coordinator, Orthopedic Services
Phone 217-757-4298 | Fax 217-588-2650 | Email

Outpatient Nutrition Services
Contact: Kathy Levin, RD, LDN, CDE | Coordinator, Diabetes Services
Phone 217-788-3948 │Fax 217-527-3209│Email

Outpatient Nutrition Services Referral Form

Perioperative Services
Contact: Jennifer Harris, MS, FACHE | Administrator, Perioperative Services
Phone 217-757-7897 | Email

Regional Burn Center
Contact: Doug Gregory | Manager, Regional Burn Center
Phone 217-788-3330 | Fax 217-788-5563 | Email

Regional Cancer Center
Regional Cancer Center
Contact: Monica Cook | Director, Oncology Services
Phone 217-788-0156 | Fax 217-788-5511 | Email

Rehabilitation Services
Rehabilitation Services
Contact: Jane Winders | Manager, Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
Phone 217-862-0433 | Fax 217-862-0440 | Email

Contact: Dawn Lucasey | Manager, Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
Phone 217-788-3612 | Fax 217-788-5530 | Email

Contact: Jenni Varga | Rehab Admissions Coordinator, Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
Phone 217-757-7298 | Fax 217-588-2094 | Pager 217-467-0320 | Email

Comprehensive Stroke Center
Memorial Stroke Center
Contact: Ryan Braner, RN, MSN, FNP-C, CLSSGB | Comprehensive Stroke Center Program Director
Phone 217-788-3694 | Fax 217-788-5530 | Email

Stroke Transfer Protocol

Transplant Services
Contact: Deb Werner | Manager, Transplant Services
Phone 888-864-9433 | Fax 217-788-3686 | Email

Weight Loss & Wellness Center
Contact: Kimberly Paskiewicz, MPH, RD, LDN | Manager, Bariatric Services
Phone 217-788-3948│Fax 217-527-3209│Email

Weight Loss & Wellness Center Referral Form

Wound Healing Center
Wound Healing Center
Contact: Melissa DeGroot | Director, Wound Healing Center
Phone 217-588-2660 | Fax 217-588-2680 | Email