EMS Providers

EMS Program Administration

Matt Johnston, MD

Dr. Matt Johnston is the EMS Medical Director, serving in this role since 2013. Dr. Johnston can be reached at Johnston.matthew@mhsil.com or 217-788-3156.

Sara Brown, M.Ed, EMT-P

Sara Brown has served as the EMS Program Manager since 2013. Sara can be reached at Brown.Sara@mhsil.com or 217-788-3973.

Tami Carpenter, NRP, CCEMTP, MS

Tami Carpenter is a Memorial Health System EMS Education Facilitator. Tami can be reached at Carpenter.Tami@mhsil.com or 217-757-2004.

Josh Mifflin, BA, EMT-P

Josh Mifflin is a Memorial Health System EMS Education Facilitator. Josh can be reached at Mifflin.Josh@mhsil.com or 217-588-2474.

Rick Wiese, AA, EMT-P, NRP, FP-C

Rick is a Memorial Health System EMS Education Facilitator. Rick be reached at Wiese.Richard@mhsil.com or 217-588-2474.

Tadd Schroeder, RN, BSN, CCRN

Tadd Schroeder is the Critical Care Transport Program Coordinator for the Memorial EMS. Tadd can be reached at Schroeder.Tadd@mhsil.com or 217-788-3973.

Jeremy Johnson, RN, EMT-P

Jeremy Johnson is the Assistant EMS Program Coordinator. Jeremy can be reached at Johnson.Jeremy@mhsil.com

Jenn Davis, RN, BSN, MBA

Jennifer Davis is the Director of Emergency Medical Services. Jennifer can be reached at Davis.Jennifer2@mhsil.com or 217-788-0165.

Joanna Shearer

Joanna Shearer is the Administrative Assistant in the EMS Office. Joanna can be reached at Shearer.Joana@mhsil.com or 217-788-4506.